Sarah Elizabeth, Owner/Lead Artist

Wielder of makeup brushes and a carrier of more lip glosses than one person should legally be allowed. I'm a total extrovert with introvert tendencies and a lover of all things cute and fuzzy. To be real, I'm kind of obsessed with... Chai lattes and freshly fallen snow... Lip Gloss (did I mention the size of my collection?)... Cupcakes. Mmmmmm, cupcakes... Enhancing true, natural beauty... Oh, and almost any show on HGTV.

I started playing with makeup at the age of four while putting on performances for the neighborhood with my friends, and it's been a long-lasting love affair ever since. The ability of makeup to draw out, transform and empower, not only features but emotions, all while creating self-confidence? That is what I love about all the tubes, pots, jars, brushes and puffs that make up my kit. Because of that love, I took the plunge to follow a passion I was always chasing and became a certified, professional makeup artist. I've been working in bridal, photography, film and fashion ever since.

I love to bring out the beauty in every face I get the opportunity to touch. From tomboy to Glam Diva, I work with each of my clients to create looks that reflect their personal styles or whomever they wish to be that day.

Thanks for swinging by, taking the time to view my portfolios, and learn a little more about me. I can't wait to get the chance to meet and work with you!

Drop me a message, so we can get started making plans today!