"She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten."

- Unknown

Ever wish you had your very own makeup fairy godmother along with you while you're browsing the rows and rows of cosmetics at your local Sephora or department store?

Someone to tell you "Oh honey, not that!" or "That color is gorgeous on you!" and honestly mean it? Are you tired of having drawers full of makeup you thought you'd love while shopping and now you never reach for it?

Never fear my lovelies, I'm here with my lip gloss wand in hand and I'm ready to shop! Working with a budget and overhauling your makeup? No problem! Let me help teach you where to splurge and where you can find amazing deals and great products.

How My Personal Shopping Services Work:

STEP 1: contact me to check my availability and rates for your individual needs and wants..

STEP 2: We will schedule your date. for your shopping trip tailored to getting exactly what you need and nothing less.

STEP 3: I meet you for our shopping trip and you walk out of the stores feeling excited (not scared!) about everything you just bought.

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