You are reliable, are pleasant to work with, and are thoughtful about whatever it is the production needs. I have seen you go above and beyond the call of duty - even being so kind as to help sew when we had a costume issue! A real pro!
— Cynthia Uhrich
Just wanted to thank you again for the make-up you did for our engagement photos. I was so happy with how it turned out and it looked absolutely fantastic in the pictures! You’re very talented! I look forward to working with you next September 14th!
— Beth J. 9/14/13 Wedding
Sarah Elizabeth is always willing to be creative with me for my concept and test shoots, weddings and otherwise. I appreciate that we can just be artists together and collaborate on things that inspire us.
— Jennifer Whalen - Jen Whalen Photography
Besides the fact that she is really good at what she does, my clients are always so happy and relaxed after working with Sarah that it makes my job as a photographer easier.
— Heather Fine - Elusive Image Photography
Thank you so much for providing “the face” for the wedding! I could not have been happier with your make-up masterpiece. It made a world of difference working with someone so down to earth. You got me and I loved that!
— Tabitha M. 6/15/12 Wedding
I have to admit, second only to dress shopping day, Friday was my favorite day of planning the wedding! It was so great to meet you and spend the morning chatting and getting to know each other, and I couldn’t believe how much I looked like myself, but also at the same time, different and special, which is perfect for my wedding day.

As you suggested I snapped some photos throughout the day and sent them to my sister for her thoughts — and just like me, she loved it. She commented on how large my eyes looked — which is a new thing for squinty me - thank you! I didn’t see Dan, my fiance, until about 7-8 pm that night, and he noticed a difference in my hair and makeup right again, and commented on how much he liked it.
— Diana W. 11/1/14 Wedding
Sarah is amazing to work with. I was in a wedding and wanted her to help me with my makeup. She was easy to work with and friendly. Sarah truly has a passion for her work and I believe she really loves what she is doing. My makeup stayed on for over 15 hours with my only refreshing the lip color. Airbrush makeup is great for oily skin such as mine. I wish I could have it done every day. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah
— Beth S. 9/5/10 Wedding
I have worked with Sarah on a few occasions to help keep my style current and fresh. I most appreciated how she takes the time to get to know your personality before making changes to your appearance. Also really appreciate her work with graduating Seniors (girls) taking special care to capture their youth while balancing with how the girls want to look older. Parent and child are always pleased with the end photos!
— Stacy K.